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policy priority. so why wouldn't they want to address it in this grand, major way as the president's proposing? >> reporter: you make a great point $4 trillion that's what was on the table as recently as last saturday. as you know john boehner pulled the plug on that. you heard him say why. he simply does not want the positive revenue from tax increase. even if it's from oil and gas companies or corporate jet owners, which honestly would be just a drop in the bucket. but still john boehner cannot get past even if he wanted to a very strong resolve on the part of house republicans that go against their brand. they go against everything that sent them into power in november and allow a tax raise. today it was significant. a loft people missed this. for the first time the president specifically said he would endorse cuts to entitlement programs like medicare and social security by raising the retirement age and so-called means testing.
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if you have the means you pay more for your medicare benefits. it was interesting he was asked the question including those provisions, he said, i'd be willing to consider all those thins. he didn't want to use the precise words means testing. significant nonetheless that he's for that. significant because this has been a white house message all along. if the president is willing to undergo that kind of political pain and defy the democrats and their party and they are very upset, republicans should do the same. republicans say we won't sit at the table if taxes are going to be discussed. here's what president obama had to say about that position. >> if you're trying to get to $2.4 trillion without any revenue, then you are effectively gutting a whole bunch of domestic spending that is going to be too burr donsome and not something that i would support. >> contessa, the president looks at this like a layer cake.
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he is preparing the public to accept the bottom layer. this plan that's coming out of the senate that would essentially raise the debt limit with proposals for cuts but wouldn't guarantee any cuts. >> these republicans keep saying to raise taxes means it's handcuffing job creators. ignore the fact that we've been under bush era tax cuts and we've seen the unemployment rate skyrocket. the big corporations are sitting on megabucks in cash, they're not spending it on hiring. if the gop is getting all of this push back especially if the tea party on raising taxes, how can there be a deal in this climate? >> that's a great point. even house republicans now today and leaders are trying to lay the ground work to go along with this senate deal that's coming, but with no guarantee of deficit reduction you're still going to run into a lot of opposition within the house republican circles. they are far to see they will
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accept what's happening. >> she's putting herself in role of tea party fighter completely against the debt ceiling. that's helping her raise her name recognition and some $4 million. it leads to my big question, does the tea part and its leaders want a default? a top executive -- there's ways you can get ahold of me on facebook, twitter e, email. so a top executive is resigning from rupert murdoch's news corp. following that phone hacking scandal. and for the first time we're hearing directly from murdoch in a new interview with one of his papers, "the wall street journal." nbc's stephanie gos k is in london. what's rebecca brooks saying about her resignation. >> she wrote a letter to her staff. in that letter she reiterated
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her apologies for what she now knows was happening at news of the world while she was there. she goes on to say her position was becoming a distraction to what she calls their genuine efforts to try to fix mistakes of the past. call it damage control or call it genuine efforts to fix those mistakes, it is definitely in high gear today. you have rupert murdoch meeting the family of the 13-year-old who was a murder victim and had her phone tapped. and rebeck ka brooks was the editor of news oof the world when that happened. it ends a week of lottings of casualties for news corp. this is just the latest. contessa. >> what about rupert murdoch's interview with "the wall street journal"? is he owning up to any responsibility in all of this. >> he does seem to be deflecting a little bit. he is making the point of addressing the allegations. we have a couple of quotes from
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that interview for you. the first he talks about parliament itself and he says some of the things that have been said in parliament. some of which are tote allies. we think it's important to establish our integrity many the eyes of the public. he says i felt that it's best just to be as transparent as possible. he also was asked how he's doing in the face of some pretty nasty headlines about him and his company. he said that he's just getting annoyed. i'll get over it. i'm tired is what he told them. obviously having an effect on the 80-year-old man. he needs his rest because next week he is going to be answering some very tough questions from a parliament committee on tuesday. >> stephanie, thank you. casey anthony is scheduled to get out of jail sunday. on tuesday, she's supposed to be deposed in a deaf nation case. we've got gotten word that that case has been re-assigned to a circuit court judge. there is an afternoon hearing
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tentatively set for 3:30 today. this is the woman who's suing because casey anthony said a woman by that same name had kidnapped caylee. it was the baby sitter and gonzalez says it ruined my good name. a hearing this morning gonzalez' attorney had asked the judge to compel casey to appear for that deposition. the judge adjourned the hearing after 20 minutes saying he was going to re-assign the case and that has been done. casey anthony has filed to appear her four wrongful convictions. she's filed to have her legal fees waived claiming she can't afford to pay them. with me is defense attorney bruce reinhart a former federal prosecutor. good to talk to you today. >> you too, thank you. >> we're talk about casey anthony, why would see in this case go ahead and appeal her four convictions for lying when the time is already done?
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>> why not? >> there's no downside to her. she's trying to clear her name. if she gets the conviction overturned, she is fine. if she doesn't, she's no worse off than she is now. the judge can't give her more time and she has a free lawyer so why shouldn't she? >> when you're looking back at this case when you're looking back over a week or so to examine how the trial unfolded. why do you think this so derail from the way prosecutors intended it to go? >> i think as a prosecutor you get surprises sometimes during a trial. you know your own evidence, but you really don't know what the defense is going to throw at you. and more surprisingly is i think may have happened in this case your own witnesses can change their story in ways that you don't expect and you're many the middle of a trial and the judge isn't going to let you start over again and you have to be a little more nimble. i think in this case they just
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got caught. >> yesterday the roger clemens trial a mistrial because the prosecution let in a video that was specifically forbidden in pretile motions. the judge said no way you can't use that video it was of andy pettitte's wife saying yes, she had heard her husband talking about roger clemens' steroid use. how could prosecutors make such -- even to a layperson like me, it seems like an eagree jous mistake. a judge said no and they let it into trial? >> i have no explanation. it the one of the biggest blunders i've heard of in my 25 years in the criminal justice system. you're right, the judge told them whatnot to do. this was no surprise. this was nothing they said in the heat of an argument. this was a piece of evidence that they prepared. a tape that they edited. they put the transcription on.
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they knew what it said. it is unexplainable how that could happen. there is no excuse for it. >> they're going to have a hearing in the clemens trial about whether the charges will be thrown out entirely. do you have a prediction on that front? >> the law in that area is pretty tough to get the case thrown out. they're going to have to show -- the defense is going to have to show that the government did this on purpose because there was something they didn't like about the way the case was going. it was so early on in the case i think it's going to be very hard for the defense to do that. if i were a betting man, i would bet that we're going to see roger clemens back in the fall. >> are you a betting man? you've been in the casino? >> i grew up in new jersey. i've been to atlantic city a few times. >> it's a pleasure talking to you today. thank you so much. >> thank you. talk about an error here. two planes collide on an airport runway. how does that happen, again. for a look at what's happening
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on wall street right now. we have a pretty good day overall considering how shake y things were to begin with. the stocks opened up because google, mattel, citi group reported gains. the s&p has popped up 5.5. and nasdaq is up 20.5. and nasdaq is up 20.5. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. how does that happen, again. we'll be right bac [ sponge ] time to tackle these greasy dishes. i'm gonna need my biggest player. a change in the lineup? [ female announcer ] one bottle of ultra dawn has the grease-cleaning power of two of this competing brand. [ sponge ] way to go, kid. [ female announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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another airport mishap. this time in boston where the wing of a delta 737 clipped the smaller wheel of a regional plane. part of the plane's wing tip was sheared off.
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one passenger did complain of neck pain from the impact. bloomberg reports this was a third runway collision in four months involving delta. after two weeks the ind is finally in sight for minnesota's government shutdown. democratic governor mark dayton reached an agreement with republican lawmakers yesterday to end the budget impasse that has put 22,000 public employees out of work. the state services came to a stand still over the fourth of july weekend. governor dayton abandoned tax increases as part of the deal to close the state's $5 billion deficit. six cases of legionnaires disease has been reported among guests at the posh aria resort and casino on the las vegas strip. these six have recovered the hotel is warning guests who stayed there between june 21st and july 4th that they could be at risk. water levels contained bacteria of the disease which can be
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deadly. back to casey anthony now. a south carolina inmate is seeking a dna to determine if he was the father of her 2-year-old daughter. christopher umberger filed that petition in orlando against casey anthony. she was acquitted earlier this month of killing her daughter, caylee. umberger says he intends to sue anthony for caylee's death. he doesn't provide any details to back up his claims of being the dad. casey is appealing her convictions. i asked the attorney why casey's appeal something. >> i think it's more of a paper matter versus anything else. the time's going to be served anyway. either it be reduced off her sentence meaning that she would go through life with one charge versus four. i don't think there would be any other reason to do it. >> do you think that it would in
12:16 pm
any way affect the equusearch case? >> no. i don't think it has anything to do with the other. they're saying she lied to them and that's the basis of their case. i haven't seen any civil case filed yet. that's my understanding is the basis for the case is -- it would be a wholly different case. >> we learned this week that prosecutors will not charge cindy anthony your client with perjury that she's the one who did the searches for chloroform. her co-workers testified that cindy didn't go home early enough to conduct those searches. i'm sure it's a relief she's not going to face charges. what's her explanation now for the discrepancy? >> if you go back to the trial and you look at the specific date that cindy testified to those things, she never testified that it was 3:17 or 3:21 that she did those
12:17 pm
searches. it was the state that suggested that she did them on those days and cindy agreeing. all cindy has testified in 2009 and in the trial was that she did those searches. she was never sure as to what date. she just knows sometime in spring of 2008. >> through this whole process her parents have really stood by her. her mom has been a strong supporter. but casey's lawyers have actually accused her dad of molesting casey so it's been a rocky road. what's the relationship like now for casey and her parents? >> again, i can't discuss what my clients want to say about that. i can say that we never heard from casey. this was all mr. baez' opening statement about the molestation. and certainly there was no evidence ever produced about that. until we hear from casey we don't know if it was a defense strategy to give a responsible alternative to things or casey suggesting these things. but certainly we haven't heard from casey as to what she has to
12:18 pm
say about those things. >> as george and cindy's lawyer will you be expecting casey to make a public statement and say one way or the other what happened with her dad? >> i don't think so. who knows? this case has thrown so many twists and turns. i have a sore neck from trying to catch up. but i can tell you that if anything is said from her, everybody's going to be listening and depending on what she says, everybody's going to wonder if it's the actual truth or not. >> right. mark, thank you so much for your time today. i appreciate it. >> thanks very much. attorney for george and cindy anthony there. all right. so we have been following today the further saga on the debt ceiling drama. today president obama has warned that everybody in america faces a tax increase if the lawmakers don't act by that august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling. he said he's ready to make tough decisions and he's challenging
12:19 pm
republicans to do the same. with me now is a republican from kansas. good to see you today, congressman. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> you signed grover norquist's pledge not to vote to raise the debt ceiling. but even norquist now has told npr he's in favor of raising the debt ceiling in return for spending restraint. do but regret signing that pledge? >> the pledge in question is a pledge not to raise taxes. the problem in washington is they spend too much. and that needs to be the solution. we've got to attack the overspending. >> do you see repealing tax cuts the same as raising taxes? >> the house republican budget actually proposes to rid ourselves of quite a few loopholes and lower the rate and have a net no new revenue. but republicans aren't against new revenue. we do that by getting washington off the backs of job creators across america and get this economy going again. we have a problem. the economy is going the wrong
12:20 pm
way. send spending is going up. the president has to request a huge debt increase. >> that's all happening under the bush era tax cuts. you're arguing that those tax cuts are what sparked job creation, we know we've seen the highest unemployment rate in generation under those bush era tax cuts. we know that american corporations are sitting on a lot of cash. >> ma'am -- >> we know that they're sitting on a lot of cash despite the fact that that money is sensibly supposed to be used to hire people. they're not hiring. they're sitting on the money. >> every day out of washington this administration sends another signal to job creators. we have a new set of regulations for you. banking, epa, osha. every day new thins happen that tell job creators don't start a new job. the uncertainty is incredible. if we want to reduce unemployment we do that by reducing the size of spending and regulations in washington. that will create more revenue. that's what job creators across
12:21 pm
america are telling me. they're not saying we need more regulations. we need more spending. we need less. that's how you raise more revenue. the idea of raising taxes when you have 14 million americans out of work, president obama's been president for two on the a half years this is his economy. this is his request to raise the debt ceiling. it has nothing to do with the previous president. >> we have a poll that shows most people blame president bush for the economy. not president obama. your colleague representative charlie rangel on the're side of the aisle, here's what he had to say. >> what is abundantly clear and goes unchallenged is that a number of republicans were elected not to balance the budget, not to increase the debt ceiling, but to get rid of president obama. >> is charlie rangel right? is that the real mission here? >> the real mission is to restore the american dream. for eight years under president
12:22 pm
bush they spent $4 trillion more than they took in. you should president obama they spent $4 trillion more than they've taken in. it was two and a half versus eight years. the problem is too much spending in both cases. the problem is washington spends too much has nothing to do with the election. that's what gotters me about the president. >> what president obama is proposing a deal to cut some $4 trillion. republicans are the ones that are balking. why is this. >> the president has put not a single thing in writing. in his press conference he asked about what are you going to do about sbitment reform. >> today he appeared to address some of those entitlement reform cuts that may need to happen. >> what were his proposals? there are no proposals. put them down in rite writing. the house republicans have psz passed a budget that identifies reforms to save medicare and social security. the senate hasn't passed a
12:23 pm
budget in 806 days. no budget and no plan. you have to move forward. the american people are tired of this. i agree. they want solutions. they want a balanced budget amendment to tie the hands of washington we've proven for years that they can't balance their budget up here. that's what the class is hearing at home. change the culture in washington. >> it will be interesting to see if you can make any headway on that front. thank you so much for your time. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. the man who confessed to killing that 8-year-old boy in brooklyn pleads not guilty in court. not guilty. what he says drove him to do it. plus the women's u.s. soccer team is looking a lot like the winning team from 1999 today. i'm hoping to talk with former soccer star brandy chastain. she's on the slate.
12:24 pm
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in just two days the u.s. women's soccer team could have world cup bragging rights. again, abwee woman back and company arrived in germany yesterday. they face off against japan on sunday. >> it's great in be in frankfurt. this is where we always planned to be for the final. >> the women's team isn't just going up against japan. they're competing against the memory of the pay mouse 1999 world cup final when the u.s. beat china. soccer star brandy chastain scored the winning penalty kick back then. she's now an espn analyst covering the world cup. she's on the phone with me from germany. before i get to you, brandy, i wanted to remind the viewers some of our young ones this is the iconic photo that maybe will jog everybody's memory. brand di raising her arms in victory ripping off the shirt. the sensation that the sports bra caused. how was it for you watching the
12:28 pm
women's team in the semifinals becoming victorious? >> it was electrifying. it was amazing. being on the desk with the coach and julie making the call, we couldn't have been anymore excited for the u.s. team and for the country and for all of women's soccer. the way that the game finished against brazil and the way it finished against france it was in stunning fashion and very exciting. >> here we are in 2011 and the women are poised once again to make a run for the world cup. how do you character that time pan? should i ask you what took so long or how it happened again so soon? >> i think, most people are saying what's taken so long? for these players only one player the campaign of the u.s. team was on the 99 team. she's the only one who has rouk final experience. you know, i think this team wants to make its own place in u.s. soccer history.
12:29 pm
and they have talented players. think haven't been playing their best leading up into the cup. i think that's why victories that you've seen in the last two games have been so astonishing. they brought their a game. they put it together when necessary. and you know, i think they're ready to write a new chapter in the history book of u.s. soccer. >> after your team won the world cup, soccer became the fastest growing sport for girls here in the united states. we know that women's sports has had somewhat of a challenge trying to get the attention, the money, some of the loyal fan followings that mens sports teams have. do you think this will make a difference? >> you know, everything helps. when you have positive results people stand up and pay attention. so there's no doubt that winning the world cup will not only increase the amount of kids participating in soccer in our country. but i think also it will make a difference in terms of the women's professional league, what these young ladies are
12:30 pm
doing with their lives and i think influencing young girls everywhere in the world. we saw two teams that never had been in a world cup before participate in colombia and guinea. the pool of women's soccer is evolving around the world. and u.s. women's sock ser a part of that evolution. >> we're so happy to talk to you. i have no doubt that you're hoping that this year's team will follow in your 1999 footsteps. brandy shas stain, thank you so much. >> you got it. thank you. >> you can catch her for more when the game airs sunday on espn. an alarming wake up call for the astronauts aboard the space shuttle "atlantis." what happened early this what happened early this morning?
12:31 pm
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welcome back to msnbc. more than 30 countries including the united states declare mo mar gadhafi's regime is no longer legitimate. that he must go. the group says it will deal with
12:34 pm
libya's main opposition group as the governing authority. documents from osama bin laden's compound show he was planning an attack against the u.s. to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the tsa announced a new program for a limited number of frequent travelers. if successful, the program will be expended. nfl players and owners are back at the negotiating table today. new york police say an 8-year-old boy spent the final terrifying moments of his young life putting up a fierce battle against his kidnapper. authorities say it appears the boy desperately clawed at the man who's accused of suffocating and killing him. what's more police say the suspect has no criminal record. >> reporter: as fellow prisoners scream from the holding cells,
12:35 pm
levy aaron walked into court expressionless. this is our first close up look at the man who police say kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered 8 the 8-year-old boy. >> formal reading of the charges enter a plea of not guilty. >> the charges upgraded to first-degree murder and kidnapping. investigators say he took advantage of this little boy. seen on surveillance video lost walking home from summer camp. he asked aaron a stranger for directions. police say aaron took him away, tied him up and dismembered his body. >> i have some serious concerns about the defendant's mental state. his cognitive abilities. he's indicated to me that he hears voices and some hallucinations involved as well. >> reporter: in fact, law enforcement sources tell nbc aaron giggled as he confessed to killing the boy. saying he went for a towel to smother him. aaron told place the boy fought back a little bit until
12:36 pm
eventually he stopped breathing. >> to the best of my knowledge he hasn't expressed any remorse. >> reporter: thursday police searched aaron's home with ka defr dogs. investigators hauled out come computer hard drives and cell phone looking for the smallest clue as to why this happened. how a religious man with no history of violence could snap. >> a person like this doesn't deserve to live. what he did, he should be in the worst punishment. >> reporter: a neighborhood where what siddic jews take pride in their safety and security. aaron is orthodox, an insider. he lived with his father here and worked in the local hardware story. in a grisly twist worked as a butcher at a supermarket when he lived in tennessee. >> he has admitted to smothering him. >> reporter: as prosecutors try to send aaron to prison for life, it is the boy on everyone's mind. what began as a milestone in his
12:37 pm
life, a first walk alone ended with the unthinkable. >> we never walk let the kids go by themselves. it scares everybody. >> by the way, aaron is currently on suicide watch. a judge has ordered him to undergo a psychological evaluation. astronauts aboard the space shuttle "atlantis" have been incredibly busy with their mission delivering supplies to the international space station. and loading up trash to bring back to earth. they've also had their share of come computer problems. as we speak the crew is taking time out to speak with president obama from the oval office. this is the live picture of their conversation with the president. we're joined via skype by nbc's space expert jay. what they need on every space crew is the i.t. guy. >> they do. they have five come computers. so that's great. they've been talking to the president here in the last five minutes getting a pep talk from
12:38 pm
him. in fact, when he called up, he said he was calling out for pizza as a little joke. and he got the astronauts. so that's going well with them. they'll be returning home next thursday at 5:58 a.m. eastern time. real early. and once the wheels stop on the shuttle, contessa, that will be the end of the space shuttle program. and technically american astronauts will be without a spacecraft. they'll spend the next four years or so riding into space on board russian spacecraft while another space race, if you will, will be taking race. boeing company has a great spacecraft called cst-100. they're looking to have it ready to go. it's a commercial private venture in four years by 2015. so does space x the new company. they have one called dragon. we'll sit here and watch them try to get back in space in the next four years. >> given that you've covered the
12:39 pm
whole shuttle missions from the get-go here, maybe you'll be there for the beginning and the end of the next space race. jay, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. president obama is giving stubborn lawmakers 24 hours to break the deadlock many the debt debate. >> the notion that somehow the american people aren't sold is not the problem. the problem is members of congress are dug in idea logically. >> all but seven of the republicans in the house have signed on to a no taxes pledge sponsored by the americans for tax reform. now those republicans are telling their leadership to stand firm against any form of tax hikes even if it means an unmovable impasse in the debt debate. that pledge has been around for years. it sponsor says both presidents bush signed it and anyone who says no to the pledge could pay a political price. here's the sponsor grover norquist in the online version of nbc's "meet the press", "press pass."
12:40 pm
>> to so a self-described pragmatic republican -- >> that's me. >> what parts to pick a fight with you over this pledge and says the orthodoxy of raising no taxes is not something that makes sense for the country, do they do so at their peril? >> if they do so it's because they want to raise tax and they need to explain that. >> we have a former democratic committee national spokesperson. doug used to do that job for the republican national committee. doug, let me ask you the same question that i asked earlier. given that republicans are the ones who put this national debt on the front policy burner, this is what they wanted to make their priority. then why aren't they embracing whatever it takes to get the debt mangeable and under control? >> we don't think that raising taxes will help lower the debt. certainly the tax increases that president obama has talked about as mike pointed out in that segment are very minuscule.
12:41 pm
republicans aren't worried about jet owners. we are worried about people who build them. taxes on raising that will republican have that effect. we saw a similar bill about ten years ago from congressman patrick kennedy who introduced a bill to reduce taxes on the building of yachts not to protect yacht owners but to create jobs because the industry had been decimated on taxes on yacht builders. if a kennedy can tell you that tax increases are bad, republicans can agree. >> i spoke with the representative's camp a few minutes ago. i asked him if he regretted signing that norquist pledge. >> the pledge in question is a pledge not to raise texass. the problem in washington is they spend too much. >> and then karen i pointed out the president is proposing cutting spending by some $4 trillion. >> that's right. he's been willing to put some things on the table that you haven't heard a democratic president talk about in a long time. the problem with these pledges, republicans have so painted themselves into a corner.
12:42 pm
they really have nowhere else to go. the truth of the matter is that boehner does not actually need those tea party folks who signed that pledge to get a deal passed. he's afraid to do a deal without those guys he knows he's lose his speakership. >> can't you admit there is some sense of republicans moving the goal post tobs we want to cut spending? the president saying let's talk it it. part of the deal is millionaires have to pay more than they have been and the republicans go no way, we're not willing to negotiate on this at all? >> i don't think it's just republicans. the senator from west virginia he's a democrat, bill nelson a democratic from nebraska have made statement after statement saying that we can't raise taxes at all in a time of recession. president obama has even said that. we would agree with those democrats who wanted to win re-election last year by campaigning for not increasing taxes. we want to keep their feet to
12:43 pm
the fire on this as well. >> doug, specially what the republicans are proposing are another version of the voodoo nicks cha got sbus this situation in the first place. the if it was all about the tax cuts, why aren't there more jobs. it's dishonest to say we have an aging population. we know that certain things are going to cost more. that is a fact. to say that we're going to make cuts but that we're not to not accept any closing of tax hoop loyals to bring in revenues, that's not a balanced approach at all. >> it's not just about tax cuts. as mike said earlier, those tax increases that the president has proposed aren't very significant at all as far as what would bring in revenues. >> it's at least a step many the right direction. >> i don't think increasing taxes is a step many the right direction. >> norquist said he's willing to close some hoop loyal holes and cantor is saying he won't accept that. >> here's my prediction if i were a betting woman -- wait, i
12:44 pm
am a betting woman. my prediction is we're going to have more to discuss in days to come. it doesn't look like a deal is imminent. >> coming up, how the middle class in mexico is having an affect on the u.s. economy. >> plus talk about a highway to held. oh, yes. we need to get to the chorus. bracing for carmageddon. this song reminds me of high school dances.
12:45 pm
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12:47 pm
the number of illegal immigrants crossesing the u.s. border from mexico is declining drastically. "the new york times" points out last year there were fewer than 100,000 illegal border crossers and visa violators from mexico who set nld the united states. that's down from about 525,000
12:48 pm
back in 2004. so what's behind the steep drop? one reason is new changes in mexico making staying at home more attractive. we have the director of the woodrow wilson center's mexico institute and julio is live in mexico city. andrew, tell me first off what is the change that makes it so much more attractive for mexicans to stay in mexico? >> i think you're seeing for the first time many the past 15 years there's been fairly steady growth in mexico. not dramatic growth. this isn't china or india, but steady growth. there's more jobs for mexicans. not as many as people would like. not as good as people would like, but it's been growing. people have more incentives to be at home and close to their family and the u.s. economy isn't doing as well either. >> julio, what kind of job industries are booming in
12:49 pm
mexico? >> here in mexico really employment opportunities are growing in many areas. one of them is tourism. government is investing a lot in tourism and manufacturing at the north of the country is growing a lot. >> and what's the impact then of the drug violence? if it's true that the economy is somewhat more successful in retaining mexicans, you would think that drug violence on the other hand would be driving people out, julio? >> well, i think it's a combination of manufacturers. migrating to the united states is becoming more expensive and more dangerous especially now with control of the border by the drug cartels. it is also more expensive because of the border enforcement that started with the clinton administration and has been continued with president bush and president obama's administration. from $700 in the late 1980s to
12:50 pm
almost $2 thoun now a decade later -- 30 years later. it is expensive to go to the united states and dangerous. plus the increasing opportunities that are coming in mexico. >> andrew, let me ask you, we've heard a lot of outcry in the united states about how the illegal immigrant population drains the u.s. economy. how it means people in public school and hospital emergency rooms taking care of people. is there a negative impact, too, when we don't have that steady stream of undocumented workers coming across the board her. >> there probably is. right now, this has been lost in all the hype, right now there's actually netzero row legal immigration from mexico. there's as many people leaving as there are coming across the border. that probably means those jobs they were waken by people here illegally are being taken from people from other parts of the world. there probably are fewer low wage jobs than in the past.
12:51 pm
i think once the economy heats up again, i think we're less likely to see a large number of people from mexico again. those jobs are going to be filled by people from other parts of the world. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. and we'll be right back and we'll be right back after this. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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12:53 pm
. in california, commuters are gearing up for the traffic version of armageddon.
12:54 pm
a nightmare of epic proportion that has now earned its own name, carmageddon. we explain. >> it's been dubbed the oncoming traffic nightmare expect from the closure of ten miles of the 405 freeway this weekend. it extends from the 101 valley to west los angeles. this starts at 10:00 p.m. on friday and runs through monday morning at act a.m. kraal tran is expected to take down half of the bridge that was built back in 1959. ultimately the rebuilt bridge will make room for a widening project of the freeway to add more lanes. over 200,000 cars use this stretch of the 405 freeway even on the weekends. all that traffic has to find alternate routes. there's the 101 freeway and the 5 freeway ten or 15 miles to the east. both of those converge in downtown los angeles. there's two to three routes through the canyons of hollywood hills and malibu, but those are
12:55 pm
two-lane roads. motorists have been advised to expect long delays especially when trying to get to and from l.a.x. officials have been working hard to get the word autoabout the closure and hope people will stay off the roadways. everything is supposed to be reopened by act a.m. monday morning. the contractor doesn't make the 5:00 a.m. opening they're going to be fined $6,000 for every ten minutes of alone. this isn't over. part two will come a year from now when kraal tran and driver haves to do it all over again when the other half of the bridge is taken down. that's the latest. >> for those southern californians it's decision time. what's less fun maneuvering in the traffic or staying home. i'm contessa brewer thanks for watching. i'm back here on monday noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. out west. casey anthony will be a free woman by then. we'll be following up on her
12:56 pm
appeals about the lying convictions and the demand of dna test by a south carolina convict. up next "andrea mitchell reports." hello, andrea. . hi, contessa, thanks so much have a great weekend to you. up next on "andrea mitchell reports," the fight over the debt ceiling, the president says it is not getting ugly, but is it? a republican senator john cornyn will be on with us. we'll have david gregory. we'll have chuck todd and luke russert. all of that and anne thompson on women's soccer coming up from frankfurt, germany, stay with frankfurt, germany, stay with us.o that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a square foot.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," up against the clock. president obama opens the door to mitch mcconnell's back up plan. the president denies reports of blow ups in budget talks. >> i think this notion that things got ugly is just not true. we've been meeting every single day. we have had very constructive
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